Author's Bio

Bambi Lobdell received her Bachelor's in Secondary English Education from SUNY Oneonta and a Masters and PhD in English from Binghamton University. In addition to her work with Medieval Literature, Greek Drama, Mythology, and Folklore, Dr. Lobdell studied gender and queer theories in order to fully research the life of Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell. Her background in queer theory enabled her to successfully argue that Joe Lobdell was a transgender man, not a Passing Woman or Lesbian as gender theorists had done in the second half of the twentieth century.

Dr. Lobdell has presented her work on Joe Lobdell at the Queer Studies Conference at UCLA, the New York Folklore Society's Legends and Tales Conference at Binghamton University, the Second Biennial Conference on Women and History in Northeast Pennsylvania at Scranton University, and the 2008 Fantasia Fair in Provincetown, MA. Her essay Queering the Space Around Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell was published in the journal Phoebe, and recently she was interviewed on her book, A Strange Sort of Being, by The Advocate magazine.

Dr. Lobdell has taught at SUNY Oneonta since 2000 and has used her research in gender and queer theory to create classes for SUNY Oneonta, including Queer Literature, Introduction to Queer Studies, Introduction to Transgender Studies, and Queer Theory and Culture. Her classes are often favorites among the student body, which was reflected in 2010 when she received the Simphiwe Hlatswayo Award for Outstanding Instructor.

Currently Dr. Lobdell is in discussions with Geoff Ryan, an independent filmmaker /director whose recent film, Fray, has earned several awards. They are working together to turn A Strange Sort of Being into a feature film.